My Pterodactyl

Made by Harry Rosen

Wood and wire armature, paper-mache, paper clay, Flexbond, etc. Size is about 1 meter long and 2 meters wingspan.
My greatest concern was the wings acting like a kite but so far upon periodic inspection there is no fracturing, flaking or delamination. BTW the grandchildren think it’s hilarious when I get on the ladder to check on it closeup. “It looks like it wants to eat GrandDude”.

Immediate family was told that it eats misbehaving grandchildren. ‘ Didn’t work….

Pterodactyl Garden Sculpture

8 thoughts on “My Pterodactyl”

  1. Would you be interested in making a large paper mache pterodactyl for display in a bar in Missouri? I had one on my ceiling at Bullwinkles, but my bar was heavily damaged by fire march 30, 2022. It was in four pieces, torso, each wing and neck and head. I’m going to build back and would like like to display a pterodactyl similar to the one I lost because it was so popular. There are several photos on Facebook under Bullwinkles. If interested, please respond with an estimate and timeframe. We are starting to build back after May 9 and should take about six months.

  2. AMAZING!!! I LOVE that pterodactyl! It looks great perched up there on the roof. It makes me wonder what your house looks like at Halloween–I bet it’s fantastic!

  3. Thank you! Neighbors and friends do enjoy the “art”. I enjoy the challenge of concept and construction. Occasionally I’ll donate a piece to a local charity for fundraising, it’s very gratifying.

  4. Harry, I love your sculptures, but this one goes over the top. My first reaction was “I want one!” Great job. Too bad the grandchildren didn’t buy the misbehavin’ part!

    I am happy to have seen this. (By the way, I took four years to do my small ones, but this is really great.)

  5. Harry, do your neighbors bring all their visitors to tour your garden? If they do, you should start charging them – what a great collection you have, and this one tops them all. 🙂


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