My Bullfrog Head

Made by Angela Collier

When I first saw the pattern for this sculpture, I was determined to make it as a gift for my best friend who adores frogs. I plan to make another one for myself in the future, and having done it once has given me techniques I will apply to make my workflow easier.

The cardstock pattern of the Bullfrog Head fit together nicely, and I had little to no issue with the pieces lining up or being taped together. I enjoyed using the blue shop towels as paper mache for this sculpture. I was able to achieve a smooth surface on the Bullfrog’s Head, and felt the sculpture was more rigid compared to using newspaper.

I used white, tan, and green tissue paper to color the Bullfrog Head. It took a bit of time to understand how to apply the tissue paper to the sculpture without it tearing. Once I got the hang of it, the process became much easier and I really enjoy the texture the tissue paper provides.

The mouth and eyes of the Bullfrog followed similar techniques as shown in the tutorial video. I used leftover air brush thinner to dilute some of the acrylics used, which I felt worked fine. I then completed the Bullfrog Head by spraying it in a matte varnish and hot glued it to a circular wooden plaque I had stained Dark Walnut.

Bullfrog head sculpture Made by Angela Collier

Bullfrog head sculpture Made by Angela Collier

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