9 thoughts on “MY Baron Samdi mask.”

  1. This is fantastic! My daughter is Haitian; this would definitely terrify her! I hope you will post more masks as you make them.

  2. Hi David,

    Firstly the mask looks absolutely stunning! Love the paintwork on it aswell, really brings it to life!!

    I was wondering if you had looked into, or experimented with making the traditional Venetian ‘Carta Lana’ paper. I am also wanting to make masks in the traditional style and am hungrily looking for as much info as I can find on how this paper is best made (specifically the wool part is giving me gip!)

    What was the paper and technique you used to get such a beautiful result?

    • Hi Oliver..Thank you so much …forget carta lana it is a pig to get hold of..use Sugar paper.. i also used wallpaper paste buy a good strong one ..im sure you have trawled Yutube just like me..I have got some carta lana paper ..but not used it yet will do at some point but it was pricey.i sculpted the mask in clay then made a mould..i then sealed the mould with wax spray get one that is just wax no water..there is one with a bee hive for a lid that’s the one i used.i gave it about four coats in the mould up to you though you can use more.once it had dried i then used vasoline and gave it a smooth coat i used my fingers.Then rip the sugar paper into the size you are happy working with..big tip for the first coat..only paste one side work it in to the mould dry side down the rest of the layers paste both sides, it will bleed through on the first coat.. but don’t worry,it makes it easy to pull from the mould. for the next layers i would use four or five depending on the thickness of your sugar paper..there are different grades go for the thickest one ..got mine on ebay not expensive think i payed about £20 for four rolls. The secret of a smooth mask is the pressure you apply when you are putting it in the mould really press it into the curves and detail ..i left mine over night ..it was nearly dry when i pulled it and it came out great..but im going to leave it to dry next time then pull and see how it comes out.once dry it will be quite tough so ready for the Gesso…i used joint compound and pva wood glue don’t use a cheap one it wont be as strong..build base or any do it your self place will do a good one for about a Tenner a nice big one. don’t use school glue.mix about half and half of the two ..you will be able to gauge this yourself as to how easy it is to paint on your mask.paint your mask all over with the gesso keep it as line free as you can but dont worry you will be giving it a sand when dry..i put about five layers on letting it dry before each coat..you can use a hair dryer between each layer. give it a good sand with a fine sand paper..then paint away.i used acrillics .Good luck Bond would love to see your creation. Stay cool FITZ.

    • Hi Francesca…your English is great,i havent shown my masks yet i’m planning an exhibition but Covid 19 has put it on hold maybe next year now,but at least i can make all the masks while in lockdown. stay safe my love FITZX

    • Hi Francesca my Italian is not good but thank you very much…what is Dove I’hi potuta sfoggiare ? Stay cool FITZ

    • Thanks Jonni ..loved making it using sugar paper and paste laminated into the mould i made. it dried really tough..just like the Venice style masks.working on the hare still will post soon… stay cool FITZX


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