Hurricane proof outdoor animal art at 106 miles an hour

Made by Lee Bell

We are safe and very very grateful . Some downed fence and lots of tree limbs everywhere , but we were very very very lucky.
Two of my crete chae sculptures were bolted to the driveway and withstood Ian at full blast.

Outdoor sculpture survives the hurricane

9 thoughts on “Hurricane proof outdoor animal art at 106 miles an hour”

  1. So glad you are ok. Your sculptures are so beautiful and stunning and obviously very strong to withstand a hurricane. I understand why you are looking at real estate. Very scary stuff surviving a hurricane.

  2. It’s standing and beautiful, yay! So glad you are okay. I have a friend that just bought a home in Fort Meyer…gone. So sad for her and others.

  3. Thank you Lisa and Jonni , Yes we made it through safe. Hours of being shut in the house listening to the wind gusts and rain. I think this was the most frightening one so far for me. I have been through maybe a dozen in Florida and Texas over 30 years . There were gusts of over a 130 a few miles from my house that took roofing off and more. I love Florida , this is my second time living here , but this one has me looking at real estate online . The clean up and the prep are back breaking and I’m getting maybe too old for all this fun.

  4. Thanks for sharing this…and glad you are ok!
    I’ve been thinking about all the art losses due to the storm. Museums and galleries of course, but also all the work in-studio by the artists themselves…personal, gut-wrenching losses
    It is SO nice to see these beauties standing tall!


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