Made by Johanna

Hi Jonni this is my interpretation of Danny my greyhound. I finished his final coat with thinned down glue and drywall, I may paint him later, but will decide later. His collar is made from old style paper mache flowers I made years ago before I discovered your amazing recipes. Thank you Jonni for all your amazing work.

5 thoughts on “Greyhound”

  1. Hi Maria I’m not sure what a Katrina mask is though I can tell you how I did my flowers,mind you it was years ago and I think Jonni’s recipe for air dry clay is much more superior than my old way which was basically torn up newspaper soaked in water to soften maybe for a few hours or overnight to make sure the paper had completely absorbed the water,then squeeze out as much as possible to damp then put in bucket and mix in glue not too much otherwise will be soggy, you want it to be firm and hold shapes of petals and leaves etc.leave to dry properly before painting.
    If I was to do flowers again I would make Jonni’s recipe any one of them would do and shape in petals etc. leave to dry and then paint.Then paint first with gesso and then your colours, hope this helps would love to see what a Katrina mask looks like.Have fun Joh

  2. Hi Johanna. I am doing a katrina mask and Jonni led me to your post.. Do you have any suggestion on how I can make paper mache flowers for a katrina mask?

  3. I think I’ve been looking at paper mache projects for eight or nine years. This one took my breath away. It is stunningly beautiful. Perfect. I am in no position to offer any advice, but I love the white. I love the flowers. It is right up there in the top three best ever for me. Touching. (And don’t give me your address. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in jail for stealing a dog!) Thank you. Wow.

    • Wow thank you Rex for encouraging words,my greyhound Danny was the inspiration and fortunately because he is sooo chilled out lying still for hours he was a good model.O.K. I will keep him white in honour of my first post and reply here. Joh


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