Paper Mache Elephant and Octopus

Made by GrandmaMonster

I started sculpting when I was in my fifties….did not know I had it in me. I have stuck to Paper mache for 2 reasons. One: you can do it on your kitchen table if need be. does not require a special equipment and space. Two: you can make life size and bigger and still be able to move it.

Paper mache octopus

9 thoughts on “Paper Mache Elephant and Octopus”

  1. Those wrinkles on the elephant are wonderful. I’ve never used fabric with pm but I sure see why you did. Paper mâché can be used in so many different ways and they all have their appeal. Great job on the elephant and octopus!

    • Thank you Pat,
      The truth is, I am not that good at painting with “paint”, so I basically paint with fabric. It does add texture.

  2. Those are fantastic. I love them. The wrinkles are outstanding. I hate to be redundant, but what kind of fabric do you use? Is it cotton? I have made a few elephants, but none touch this one for being cool. The octopus is wonderful, also. Talent from the kitchen table is amazing.

    Thanks for showing us, and I would love to see the giraffe.

    • I believe the elephant fabric is a satin of sorts….the key is to cut it on the bias. I use all kinds of fabric, texture is a big thing. The octopus has a metallic fabric and I do not recommend it unless you have a lot of patience. fabrics that will soak up the glue are best. thank you

  3. Cool wrinkles! The more subtle ones on the the octopus and the larger ones on the elephant are fantastic. How did you achieve them?

  4. The elephant is about 2 and a half feet tall…..the octopus is about 5 feet from top to end of tentacle. I did a giraffe that was 8 feet tall.


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