Giraffe by a Terrible Painter

Made by Denise Carlton

In an attempt to avoid having to paint my giraffe, I covered her (Yes, it’s a her.) with torn pages from a book by Anne Innis Dagg, aka. The Woman Who Loves Giraffes. (Watch the wonderful documentary about Dagg on various streaming outlets.) Her mane was covered with pages from the many black and white photographs in the book.

I was to be on my way to Kenya in mid August, but those plans got cancelled! I decided that if I couldn’t go to Africa, I’d bring a little of Africa to me.

Giraffe Head Covered With Pages of Text
Giraffe Head Covered With Pages of Text

4 thoughts on “Giraffe by a Terrible Painter”

  1. I really like your literary giraffe! She tells a great story and it was totally inventive of you to come up with that idea! It is good to know your strengths and weaknesses and you took your weakness and turned it into art. Sorry about your cancelled travel.

  2. I love your features on this giraffe. Really nice.

    When I paint a giraffe (not this one!), the first layer is Unbleached Titanium and then make the spots using Burnt Sienna and a little Raw Umber. That’s why I can get them painted quickly. Great job. Love the story.


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