Giraffe and gorilla sculptures

Made by Edwin Mojica

We’ll decided to add some safari animals to my living room just finished an elephant and these are my up coming projects a 11 foot giraffe. Just made the head so far and also was inspired my jonni and her gorilla head she made I saw on utube. I plan to make a female gorilla holding her baby sitting on a rock it’s been fun I never knew I could make anything jonni you inspired me so much thank you

Paper mache giraffe

6 thoughts on “Giraffe and gorilla sculptures”

    • Thank you so much ? Iam really enjoying making these two I will make sure to post when there done thank you again

  1. They are beautiful, and I can’t imagine a more intelligent face than the gorilla. It is stunning, both of them. Thank you.

    11 foot. That is ambitious and look forward to seeing it!

    • Thank you so much these were unplanned projects I had extra materials so decided to go for it it’s been fun making them thank u


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