fantastic plant

Made by Amy Burgan

I created this as a sample to do with students at my art camp…I never did paper mache before I had an art studio because I always thought it was too messy to try. I used a plastic cup, straws, wire and cardstock to build my armature. Because I had already order plaster gauze, I used it to do the base layer. I used the paper mache clay recipe to make the leaves and smooth the sculpture. I also used the paper clay recipe to make the curly pieces on the end of the stem. Thanks for your awesome information!

3 thoughts on “fantastic plant”

  1. The is so much fun. Bright colors and whimsical shapes are just what the Dr. ordered. It made me smile the minute I saw it. Keep up the good work! If your students make some paper mâché, I for one would love to see them.


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