African mask

Made by Sheepish

I made this mask, loosely inspired by a bunch of masks from different areas of Africa, to represent a made up African tribe for the background of a steampunk anthropologist photo. The South American inspired mask is more steampunkesque and was just enough to make them both fit well (though I’m not overly fond of the feathers on that one). The feathers are all hot glued in place, the porcupine quill is really a skewer I soaked until I could get a nice bend and let it dry stuffed in a bucket to hold the shape, and the nose ring is held in with a twist tie. I used the shop towel mache from your mask book for both and painted with the technique of the antelope animal at the end. I really love the look that gives with something so simple. You really are a genius, Jonni!

South-American inspired mask
South-American inspired mask


4 thoughts on “African mask”

  1. As Carl Sandburg wrote, “It all helps!” Thanks. It will give me more experience in making browns. Great masks.

  2. Love the masks, and the skewer is clever! Great masks.

    Can you tell me what colors you used for the skin? (I’ve made a Mother Abigail model who needs her face painted!)


    • I don’t really remember, Rex, I’m sorry. I just used the little paints you get in the craft section at Walmart mixed with a glazing liquid and layered it on until I got a color I liked. Probably the colors closest to burnt sienna and chocolate if that helps.


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