Abandoned – Only Spirits Remain

Made by Diann

Hello Everyone. It has been a while since I posted anything as life has taken me in other directions. It was a nice and relaxing change to work some paper mache. There is nothing like getting your hands all covered in mache paste.

This is a piece that has been floating around in my mind for quite sometime and I finally figured out how I wanted it create it. I love making houses and imagining the families who lived there and the life they lived. When I see an abandoned house I am saddened that someone’s hard work has been left to be over come by the elements and wildlife. So this piece represents the many deserted homes I have seen in my travels. Although this one for me brought feelings of sadness and loneliness it also brought me joy as I thought of the spirits of those who once gathered in these homes and the life they lived.

Paper mache sculpture of abandoned houses

Paper mache sculpture of abandoned houses

4 thoughts on “Abandoned – Only Spirits Remain”

  1. Thank you Jonni. I had fun working this one.

    I could never keep the cardboard from warping so I now use foam board. It works do much better. It glues and tapes much easier and so much more stable. Does that help with the question?

  2. Hi Diann. This is an interesting (and beautiful) combination of painting and sculpting. I always love pieces that have a story behind them, so thank you so much for including it.

    Just yesterday someone asked me for advice about making a small playhouse with cardboard and paper mache. Do you have a trick to keep it from warping while the paper mache dries?


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