4-foot mask for Lachésis, Greek Goddess of Fate

Made by Mary

I make different sorts of puppets, masks, sculpture and paintings. And I seem almost always to use paper and glue in different forms and states. Even my latest paintings have become “infected”, and I enjoy creating images in relief using paper maché and paper clay (and if I’m here it’s because I’ve benefited from Jonni’s recipes, thank you!!).

This mask is worn by the spirit of Lachésis (she won’t appear to humans unless they go to the trouble of providing her with some sort of body!). During the show, it hovers over my head, her hands, also made with paper maché worked over carved foam, hold my body. It’s a lot of fun. Yes, the mask is heavy.

I started by creating the basic form with chicken coop netting (is that what you call it?!), then covered it with a couple of coats of paper covered with glue and removed the netting. Continued adding layers of paper (and sometimes cardboard) until the features were as good as I could do. I say it “hovers”, but in fact it’s mounted on kind of wooden tripod with wheels. (Our secret – The audience can’t see that).

5 thoughts on “4-foot mask for Lachésis, Greek Goddess of Fate”

  1. I LOVE that face. Great job. Can’t you get a Greek god thing going? That would be great fun. Really nice. Thanks.

    I’d hang that on my wall! (Can’t you do Atropos now?)

    • What do you mean about getting a Greek god thing going?! Actually for this show there are masks for Atropos and Clotho too…(Lachesis doesn’t travel or work alone!). Those two masks are a bit smaller…. Anyway thanks for your support and kind words

      • I would love to see them. I love Lachesis, and they couldn’t possibly be better!

        (I was looking through a history of art book and read something about tragedy and comedy being gods and can’t find it. Have any idea about that?)

        I love what you’re doing. Please show us if you do others.


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