Zen Moose progress

Made by Stephanie Nasshahn

I thought cutting out the pattern was the difficult part, these horns are heavy already and I’ve had to attach a stick to keep them supported. Once i get the paper mache clay on the straight of the horn i can remove a portion of the stick and curve the horns more. Quite the challenge, but I’m always up for good challenge.

Paper mache moose in progress 2

4 thoughts on “Zen Moose progress”

  1. I’m quite happy to see your struggles! (Just kidding, of course.) I need to make some wings, so I’m paying attention to your work. It is looking good, and thanks for the update.

    • Rex,
      I’m intrigued, why are you making wings? What stunning creature are you creating?
      I didnt need the stick on my owls wings and they stayed strong. Good luck, and thanks for the encouragement ? ? ?

      • I hate to admit it because I get sidetracked really easily, but I’m working on a griffin. I want his wings spread out, kind of like your moose antlers!

        • Ooooooo i can’t wait to see it, I seriously love griffins, you’ll nail it my friend, best of luck ?


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