Wonderland Rabbit meets Eric the Hare

Made by Kori Clark

First time using one of Joni’s patterns and had so much fun from beginning to end.

I fell in love with a bronze rabbit that was way too big for my space and way too spendy for my budget – Joni’s pattern saved the day. I modified the base to make a bust and added a wood board to the back to make it easier to mount on my wall.

I covered it with store bought papermache clay (because that’s what I had on hand), used old ping pong balls for the eyes (same reason), and stuffed him with packing peanuts to make him a bit more study before adding the clay on top. I painted him using layers of acrylic paint.

The monocle is a wooden ring I bought from the craft store. I attached it to the head with a small brad nail and attached the gold chain with eye hooks.

Can’t wait to try another one. Thanks for sharing your patterns Joni!

Bronzed rabbit wall sculpture Made by Kori Clark
Wall rabbit sculpture before painting

4 thoughts on “Wonderland Rabbit meets Eric the Hare”

  1. Hey Kori, I love your rabbit! Looks super awesome! I did a “Frankie the Stag”. If you look a couple scrolls down on the page you’ll find him! I also didn’t want to spend that moula so I luckily found Jonni’s page! What did you use to paint it? I used a mix of gold, brown, yellow and copper. I really like how your color turned out! <3 Katelyn

  2. That looks amazing!! I think the same bronze sculpture inspired both of us as the jackrabbit was my first purchase too!!! Love this so much.

  3. He looks really nice, Kori! What a great sculpture. Thanks for telling us how it was made, and all the creative touches you used to make it really unique. I’m so glad you shared it with us! :)


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