Wolf mask for my son Neerved

Wolf Mask

Made by Milton

Hi Jonni – Thank you very much for sharing video on “wolf mask“. It was easy to understand and create the mask. I browsed nearly 15 websites before finding your user friendly work. I thoroughly enjoyed your work and tried to create the mask for my son’s school play, sharing the same.

My son acted as a wolf, having fun with 3 little pigs

Greetings from India

3 thoughts on “Wolf mask for my son Neerved”

  1. Wow! Nicely done! Your son must have been the proudest child around! You’d better be careful or the school will be asking you to do all the costuming for the school plays. Nice work

    • Hi Eileen – Yes he was very happy…it took me 3 days to complete the mask, I can understand how much effort Jonni puts in to create masks & sculptures

      I am not volunteering for any further work on costuming..:)


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