Wolf mask 1st attempt

Made by Ruby

Well this turned out completely different to how I intended.
This is my first ever attempt at paper mache and I got a lot of things wrong.
The card I used was too thin, the paper mache ended up being quite rough, I lost the detail on the eyebrows and nose, and I ended up completely changing the colour in order to hide the rough bits!

The black then white fur detail was all done using a tiny pen designed to be dipped in ink not paint – and took hours!
The eyes were done by taking a polystyrene ball and cutting it in half. This was really tricky to glue on and next time I think I will use paper or tin foil.

Still, lessons are being learned along the way and I am having great fun.

I have 2 questions though if someone could answer me.

1. As the cardboard was too thin and I do not have cereal boxes, would greyboard work? Marketed as some sort of packaging material. What weight would it need to be? (the cardboard I used was 300grams)
2. Is drywall compound the same as polyfilla here in the UK?

Many thanks for taking a look.

Black and white fur detail
Black and white fur detail
Eye detail
Eye detail

2 thoughts on “Wolf mask 1st attempt”

  1. Ruby, first of all I love the wolf. A little roughness never hurt him. I understand the constant learning new things every time you begin a new project — part of the fun of it. I like the look. By that I mean, when you look at this mask, you see character, wolf, piercing eyes, and the whole lot. That tells me there is an artist at work behind it all.

    Jonni has a list on this site of joint compound and what it is called in other countries. The words used there is “joint filler.” I don’t know if this is the same thing as joint filla, but it is awfully close! Remember, don’t use DAP; it doesn’t work in paper mache clay.

    When I first began doing paper mache, I worked my way through Jonni’s book, “making animal sculptures.” I learned a lot about many animals, from the simple to complex. If you want to go on a creative journey, I would definitely work through that book. You learn a lot about HOW and also colors, what to avoid, etc.

    I think this is a remarkable beginning. I like the wolf. Good luck. Look forward to seeing what you do next. I like it and your coloring is great.

    Sorry I don’t know about the cardboard.

    • Hello Rex
      Thank you very much for your lovely comments.
      I am pleased you liked the wolf.

      I may be a little adventurous but I am currently trying to put together the lion mask now. It’s proving to be a little tricky but I will persevere!

      I will be getting the book after the lion and maybe the giraffe. I have just been made redundant like a lot of others so money is tight but at least it means I have time to play and keep learning!!

      The joint filler here in the UK is polyfilla or as near as you can get. I have some of that in the shed so will give it a try maybe.

      As for the cardboard Jonni messaged me because I found some Greyboard, (light chipboard in the USA) a little thicker than cereal box card but comes in different weights. I bought the thinnest I could get for the lion so we will see how that works.

      I will upload it as soon as it is done. At the moment he has no ears or chin! LOL


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