Wish clay creation

Made by Sumera Sohail

It was always my wish to create something with clay. I tried but failed when I found your tutorials I implemented on an elephant, I made one at night but very disappointed to see it cracked in the morning. I didn’t give up and saw your many videos and used your paper mache clay and gesso made by joint compound. Finally I recovered my elephant. Now I made this bird toucan after getting inspiration by your raven, it is not that smooth as yours but I am happy.Thanks for your lessons and teaching

Paper mache elephant

Paper mache toucan

5 thoughts on “Wish clay creation”

  1. I see you got the trunk up before finishing the elephant. (I didn’t find out until after I made four that it is good luck to have the trunk up, so I had to cut two off.) Nice job. And the toucan is really special. Love the colors. Thanks.


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