Whimsical Chester the Rooster

Made by Mary E Mason

Chester’s body is plastic shopping bags and tape covered with spray foam and carved. His feathers, wings, crown and beak are cardboard. All was then covered with paper mache clay. His legs are dowels covered with paper clay stuck into a plastic flower pot filled with rocks and spray foam, once set I sculpted his feet with paper clay which makes it look like he’s standing on a mound because of the way the foam expanded. He was a labor of love .

Paper Mache Rooster

Paper Mache Rooster

4 thoughts on “Whimsical Chester the Rooster”

  1. Mary,

    Lovely job you have done on Chester. What a great idea to use spray foam on top of your plastic bag armature and carve it. Brilliant! What a great whimsical paint job too. Nicely done!

  2. Chester is a fun rooster. I’ve had a relationship with chickens for over 70 years, and this is definitely a fun one. I’ve tried something like this, and you far surpassed my attempt and see it is a labor of love. Thank you. Colors are fun (and crazy).


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