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Waterproof Squirrel Sculpture Made with Free Form Sculpt

Squirrel Sculpture Made with Free Form Sculpt Epoxy Clay
This little squirrel is my first bona fide waterproof outdoor sculpture.

I made it using the same techniques that you’ll find in my book How to Make Animal Sculptures with Paper Mache Clay, but the materials are different.

What did I do differently?

Instead of cardboard for the pattern, I used foam board. The roundness of the armature was filled out with aluminum foil held on with a hot glue gun. (I only burned myself five or six times. I ordered some protective finger thingies, and I’ll let you know if they helped.)

Once the armature was finished and the foil was squashed down really tight, I made the skin using an epoxy clay product, instead of paper mache clay. The product I used is called Free Form Sculpt, and it’s made by the Smooth-On company. Another product that’s a little easier to find (and almost exactly the same) is Apoxy Sculpt.

I bought the “trial size” of Free Form Sculpt, and I used a little over half of it. If I didn’t get quite so carried away with the fur on the little guy’s tail, I might have been able to make two squirrels before running out. The material can be softened with a little bit of water, so it can be pressed very thin over the armature. It’s sticky, so it bonded to the aluminum foil. You can use water to keep it from sticking to your gloves, too.

Edit: I finished painting the squirrel, using waterproof flat house paint, tinted with some powdered pigments I had in the studio. Click Here to see how the squirrel looks, now that it’s finished.

If you think you might be interested in learning more about making outdoor sculptures with epoxy clay, let me know. I will be making one more video of this squirrel, so you can see how it looks after it’s painted.


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  • Hi Jonni!
    i have been looking for a hobby and this page thrilled me! May i ask? Is it ok to put the epoxy over the paper mache after it dries? As a thick coating is what i would like to do. Have you tried this or with your experience, might this work?
    thanks in advance! Now to go back and check out all your links and ideas 🙂

    • Hi Jenny. I’ve never tried adding epoxy clay over paper mache, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Epoxy clay sticks to almost everything! Have you already made a sculpture out of paper mache, and now you want to put it outside?

  • I’m looking for a hard,protective, reasonably inexpensive coating to put on 2″ foam insulation panels that are cut into shapes. I plan on shaping and smoothing the foam with sandpaper and after that I’m kinda wingin’ it. Do you think I need to prime the foam before the pm clay goes on or do you think that is a wasted step. I realize that this is not the intended use but it seems to be just what I’m looking for. I’d love to hear your insight.

    • Oops. I must of linked over from the paper mache clay video. I intended to comment there. Would the epoxy be better for my application? I don’t think I’ll have time for an order to come in and like the idea of a home brew in case I need to whip up some more!!!

    • Hi Tim. I don’t think you’ll need a primer, but you can do a small test area to make sure. The paper mache clay does dry really hard. It isn’t waterproof, though,. like the epoxy clay, so it won’t work if your sculptures will be displayed outside.

      If you experiment with using the paper mache clay for a foam coat, I hope you’ll let us know how it turns out.

        • Jonni, Thanks so much for all the great info. To call my piece a sculpture may be pushing it. I’m working on stage prop pieces and was looking for a way to coat the audience side with a paint friendly surface. I wanted it hard so that it could withstand the abuse of transportation and backstage mayhem. My concern is in it’s ability to bond to long flat panels that will be vertical (when dry). I was hoping to not have to totally encase it in the pm clay. I think a sample is definitely the way to go on this one. In any case, I am certainly glad my search led me to your site. In all my focus on my needs and my project I must apologize for not taking the time to compliment you on you talents as a sculptor. Magnificent! Thanks again.

  • Congratulations! Jonni such lovely work. I love your paper mache recipe, have made a thinner batch to use as texture for some of my art work. I’m just an amateur. Do a bit of painting, sewing, embroidery, baking and 3 D pictures. Keep up the good work.?

  • Dian Bowley
    I live in the UK and am just a beginner in the world of Paper Mache. I have a house full of Miniature Dachshunds both real and ornaments, so was very excited when I found your book Make Animal Sculptures With Paper Mache Clay. In fact I have just ordered a copy. I have just finished watching your video with the outdoor Squirrel and enjoyed watching it. I will be looking forward to seeing him once you have painted him. I will definitely be looking for more of your tutorial videos. Very best wishes Dian

    • Hi Dian – I can’t wait to see how your new sculptures turn out! (You must have a fun household – how many real dachshunds do you live with? The ones I’ve met are really cuddly and love to sit on laps – is they all like that?)

      • Hi Jonni, Yes they are the most loving and perfect breed. I have 12 in total and Bunty she is my Bassett Dachshund cross. Out of the 12 Daxies 3 are mini long coats and 9 smooth coats. I love each and every one and couldn’t imagine life without them.
        I have always loved crafting and my main reason for getting interested in Paper Mache was because I wanted to make a Fairy Cottage using Paper Mache and finishing with natural woodland materials, so far I haven’t been able to find a how to book to help with this.
        I then started to watch your videos and love your Rabbits and Squirrel sculptures, and then I found your book with the Black and Tan Daxie on the cover.
        Working in this way will be very different from anything I have ever done; I have done a lot in knitting ad crochet. I used to make collectors bears in vintage styles and just recently tried my hand at patchwork. Years ago I made a lot of fancy dress costumes.
        I am just at the stage of gathering materials together to try my hand with Paper Mache.
        Thank you so much for taking an inters and for all of the very useful information that you post on line.
        Very best wishes Dian

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