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Can’t remember if I showed this before, but this baby tapir is one of the amazing sculptures that friend and artist Rex Winn sent to me years ago. It took me forever to paint (even today, only this side is finished), but her name is Watermelon, for obvious reasons..

4 thoughts on “Watermelon”

  1. Jonni, Thank you very much! Rex certainly does make extremely cute and interesting sculptures. I love them. The tapirs actually started out as a painting “challenge” between us. Seeing who could come up with the most unusual design. I believe that Rex had posted a picture of his tapir a long time ago, but I can’t find it. Also can’t remember if he just gave up on me and painted his tapir realistically. : )

    • Hi Mister Shelbot. Rex did show us an unpainted baby tapir in 2020, when we were still sharing photos in the comment section. The silly search function on the site ignores comments, and that’s why you couldn’t find it. Here’s the tapir Rex showed us:
      Rex's tapir

      • Jonni, Thank you for finding him. I’m surprised that the picture of the painted sculpture wasn’t there. Maybe Rex only sent the pic to me? I lost some of my favorite pictures when I accidentally got locked out of my old Gmail account. Should have downloaded them. Still haven’t with new pix. : (

  2. What a great idea! I love collaborations. 🙂

    Rex, the baby tapir is adorable. And Mr. Shelbot – I love the way you painted Watermelon. It’s totally unexpected, and that makes it so much fun. Thanks for sharing her with us.


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