Was it a bird? No it was a fruit bowl

Made by Jacquie Nicholas

Remember the hook for bananas? Well it eventually invited me to make the bird. Scrunched paper wrapped in paper strips/ poly cell the card inserts in my new boots.. a bit of tissue paper/ ply cell sculpted (squeezed) into head and beak. Gesso and two years later “maybe more metallic?” I sprayed the chest and wings..

Paper mache bird with outstretched wings

3 thoughts on “Was it a bird? No it was a fruit bowl”

  1. Yes, I do remember those banana holders. It’s really cool that you visualized how to use the holder with your bird. Sometimes I look at things and see something totally different, like a small plastic watering jug with a spout could easily be a base for a chicken. It’s all about being creative, and you were very creative. Nice bird.

    • Thank you Connie . Yes it’s great to be able to see the opportunity object suggest. Good when one has the room to store these options but I’m finding a bit more self discipline is needed. Hence having an exhibition helps one create a bit of order


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