9 thoughts on “Warthog”

    • Well, as it happens, I’m working on another one. I was wondering what color to paint it. I think I like this coloring! Thanks so much for the inspiration, Pat!

  1. “Parting is such sweet sorrow”. Mary will love the warthog! He has such personality with a great expression. I’m sure he will love his new home.

    P.S. Love the family portrait! Now, Leroy wants one done!!!!! He sends his love to Phil, Ava and Nora.

  2. Great job Rex, another triumph my dear! The sculpt is flawless and so is the paint job! So, do they have wart hogs in the British isles? Why a wart hog… there must be a story!
    Also, how did you come up with the names for your penguins? Lovely names. Can I assume you did the picture in the background as well? A man of many talents!
    Happy new year to you as well! It will be good to get a new start!

    • Thanks, Eileen. They have wild pigs in England (in the New Forest, established in 1100!), but I’m not sure about warthogs. Mary and I have been friends since 1967 (I can’t do the math!), and she was in love with them. Her favorite so far were the elephant and the giraffe. We’ll see what she thinks of this little girl.

      Connie’s dog, Leroy, named the penguins. As they were standing there, they wanted a portrait, so I made them one. I think they are happy now. I’m trying to make them feel right at home so they don’t walk off!

      I can’t tell you what a fun person you are in my life. I think of you many, many times while sculpting, usually with a giggle. What would Eileen say of this? That eye IS crooked. She won’t care if one ear is off centered, etc., you get the idea. Thank you. Happy New Year, also.

      We got snow here, but it is 20 degrees, so Teca might have to go out.

  3. How beautiful is that hog!! Good job!
    I love the bristly hair.
    I always get attached to my artwork even if it is a present for someone else. But when I see how much they like it then it’s all good. Lucky person who gets your hog!!! They will love it.


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