Want to Have an Online Paper Mache Class?


[Edit: the lessons have begun! You can find lesson #1, How to Make a Paper Mache Cat, here.]

I’m not procrastinating, honest. I really did start my figure sculpture. In fact, I’m now on the third one, because there’ s a bit of a learning curve going on. In fact, right now my latest attempt is sitting in front of the fan, drying. Which brings me to the reason for this post:

I need a fun and engaging project that wouldn’t take a great deal of time, to give me something constructive to do while my paper mache is drying. Then maybe I wouldn’t find myself wasting so much time watching uninspiring Netflix movies…

So, I’m thinking, maybe we could have a “class,” right here on this blog.

Here’s what made me start thinking about having a “class,” of sorts. A few weeks ago I was approached by a start-up company that’s putting together an online art school. They wanted to know if I’d like to be one of their teachers. It sounded like a lot of fun, but there was a downside. Only 20 people could take the class at any one time, and the students would have to pay for the lessons. As you probably guessed, most of my video tutorials are also low-key home-made commercials for my books, (see how I casually slipped that in?) so limiting the viewers to only 20 would be kind of self-defeating.

Still, a class would be fun, especially if there was a lot of feedback from readers. I’d know ahead of time that people were interested, instead of me just coming up with an idea for a tutorial all by myself. So here’s what I thought we might do:

If anyone is at all interested, we could start a list of things that people would like to make with paper mache. I’m hoping these would be things that I might actually be able to create some lessons for. Obviously, if it’s animal-oriented, that would help. (I don’t make paper mache bowls, so that wouldn’t be a good lesson choice until we could find someone else willing to give lessons in bowls. And I’m not so good with balloons. I gladly admit to my limitations.)

Then we could do the lessons much like the Pantalone Mask videos, with the steps broken down into fairly small peices so those of us with time constraints could follow along. Your part, if you chose to join in, would be to follow the steps, upload images of your work if possible, and then we all get to comment, suggest, and enjoy each other’s efforts. Then I put up another post for the next step until the whole thing’s done. Many people would find the posts on the blog next year, of course, but they could still get the full benefit of the lessons.

It doesn’t sound much different from my usual tutorial posts, except that I’m hoping it would be much more interactive. If anyone had problems with a particular step and found a better way to do it, we could all learn from that. And I’d get to actually see if my instructions “work” (I know you’re all too polite to mention it when I say things that don’t really make any sense…)

Does this sound like fun? If you were to “sign up” for a free online in-depth paper mache sculpture course, what specific thing would you want to make? Do you think there could be one particular sculpture that enough people would want to do? (I have received a lot of requests for cats, and there aren’t any cat tutorials on this site yet. Anyone interested in cats?)

96 thoughts on “Want to Have an Online Paper Mache Class?”

  1. Hi Janice , I would like to learn from you the paper mache techniques on animals and faces .Could you please provide infrmations on how to go about it ? I would be very glad to pay sone money for yourkind help . I am actually a teacher .I would like to create interset in children to pick up these kind of art in their life instead of them goig aimlessly as you know it.Please cooperate and asist me in my quest. For your information i have art background in oil, watercolour , figure and pastel .Waiting for your reply

    Regards Thank you


    • Hi Shanta. Since I wrote this post I created a number of extended video tutorials, which you can find here. At this time I don’t plan to have any formal classes, and most of the projects on this site are for adult artists. In addition to this site, you might also want to check out this one, which also has lots of online tutorials.

  2. I would love to take this class online. I am planning to make some circus high wire flyers and will display on some vertical poles in our 27′ high ceiling; we live in a former kitchen …

  3. YES, yes, yes to copyrethe on-line class. I have not yet done paper mache, but have been reading it for about 8 months. Have given your web adde and book titles to friends. You’re great. and yes to cats!

  4. Hi I would like to try a video class, I’ve bought the flour and toilet paper, but I haven’t started trying it yet. aybeI need some live encourgement. I want to make a cat.

  5. I have toyed a little with paper-mache in making molds for garden projects that later are used for concrete and lite material called papercrete. I would love to delve more into this! Count me in also. Will also post this on my facebook page.

    • I would love to hear more about your papercrete and concrete lite experiments. Would you have any interest in doing guest post for us someday, with photos of the process? So many of us would love to take our sculptures outside. (Me, too – I’m running out of room in my house).

  6. Hi Jonni,
    I think the idea of an online class is brilliant! I wanted to do paper mache for quite some time but really didn’t know where to begin…..until…..I found your website last August and ordered your book. So far, I have completed two projects and have three others in various stages. I would enjoy doing both domestic and wild animals, small or big. Your Jonniclay is really fun to work with. Looking forward to your classes!! Thank you for sharing your talent!!

  7. Count me in. I always want to learn more but, because of my situation I can’t make anything right now. So frustrating!

    • Not to worry, Teresa. The videos and lessons will stay on the blog so you can make your cat any time. There’s no need to show up to class on time. No tardy slips, no trip to the principal’s office. 😉

  8. I’d love to try my hand at a mask! The cat sounds perfect for me, but any animal would be lovely. Count me in, please!

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