Vintage horse repair

Made by Teri Grinlinton

Thank you Jonni for making this possible with your generous sharing of your work! I had not worked in paper mâché and used several of your techniques to bring this old boy back to life.

Paper mache clay (original) is amazing, a top layer of joint compound, wonderful!
The goal was to make it presentable, not full restoration, there was extensive damage and disintegration.

I deconstructed what i could then reconstructed. After many layers and sculpting using the paper mâché clay, he’s back to majestic!

I’m thrilled to have saved “thunder hoof” from being lost. It’s thanks to you Jonni and your amazing website.

I love thinking of all of us that are inspired and guided by you.
Thank you so much!

Vintage paper mache horse repair
The horse, after the repair.
Vintage paper mache horse repair
The horse before repair.

7 thoughts on “Vintage horse repair”

  1. Ummm WOW!!! Gorgeous restoration of your Thunder Hoof!!! And Clark Griswald in the background seems to enjoy it too! Jonni sure has that magic to inspire and spread joy. Really glad this went so successfully for you.

  2. Hi Teri
    Your horse repairs are amazing. I really hope to make one or two small shetland ponies to place in our front yard.( with Jonni’s new cement recipe) I always had a horse and our last one died in November. Your horse really caught my eye, well done.


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