Vintage Hen

Made by Ted and Rex Winn

After almost ten years of doing paper mache, I guess I’ve been working back to lesson 1 in “making animal sculptures” by Jonni. My brother Ted came for a visit and he fell in love with paper mache. After his chick, I showed him Jonni’s book and we worked on the hen. He took her with him on the road and finished painting her in his camper. (I’m going to have to teach him to keep within the circles.) He wasn’t about to leave her and was on his way back to Canada. Had a great time together.

8 thoughts on “Vintage Hen”

  1. Ha. Love the way you and your brother made the birds.
    So cool you let him finish your chicken. Don’t worry about painting outside the lines. It could add a point of interest sometimes.
    The bird looks a bit confused, maybe you should have told her she was going home with Ted…

    • Thanks. Ted LOVES chickens. When he was a teenager, we had one in the city named Tweety. The damned thing would come in the house whenever it wanted. (Luckily, it did its business outside.) It was a sad day when we buried him under the grapefruit tree!

  2. Don’t worry about “keeping within the circles”… A huge gift of the creative life is giving ourselves permission to “color outside the lines”!
    This is so delightful – and what a lovely way to share time with your brother, Rex!

    • Thank you. He’s the baby of 11, and he has always been the most loved and thinks everybody loves him! It’s worked well.

    • I made him promise he would come visit. That’s way too far. He would be fun to work with. Passionate, and he stays on track! (Not like me.) Thanks.


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