Vintage Cat Shelf Sitters

Made by Ruben Alvarado

I love Halloween, especially vintage Halloween, but that stuff is expensive! So after learning about paper clay and watching possibly every one of Jonni’s videos I thought I’d try to create myself a little vintage inspired grinning cat. I loved it so much, I started two more and a larger pumpkin that I’m planning to turn into a lantern.

Vintage cat in progress by Ruben Alvarado

5 thoughts on “Vintage Cat Shelf Sitters”

  1. Nice job, Ruben! You’re right, those vintage Halloween decorations are very expensive and you nailed it. So smart to use chalk paint. The addition of the fringed collar on the finished cat is a really nice detail.

  2. Ruben, your vintage-inspired cats are really nice! Thank you so much for letting us see them – even the in-progress photo is impressive. If you ever have a chance to show us how they’re made, we’d love to see more details! 🙂

    • Hi, Jonni! Thank you! These are mini beach balls I found on Amazon that I paper mache’d over. I made little ears out of cereal box and attached those with masking tape. Then I applied a thin shell of paper clay over everything avoiding the eyes and mouth. The nose and lips are made with paper clay from the store, and I also used it to smooth out some of the more lumpy parts. Then everything got a good sanding, some primer, and a coat of chalk paint.


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