Very Big Lion with Flocked Denim and Faux Fur

Made by Barbara Searle

Hi Jonni. I purchased your pattern which I then enlarged to A3 twice. Then once I had joined the pieces (and covered the joints both sides with strips of paper mache) I covered the lion with flocked denim and fur fabric.

The mane was long pile fur from the mohair bear supplies. The eyes are Christmas baubles.

This was made for a Christmas display in the care home where my mum lives. He will live at the home and be used in other sensory displays when appropriate and carefully stored when not in use. It was well received, I hope you like it too. Thank you for the pattern.

big paper mache lion head

very large lion at nursing home


4 thoughts on “Very Big Lion with Flocked Denim and Faux Fur”

  1. I love it, Barbara! It looks like you used the pattern for the denim, too – is that right? It fits perfectly. In fact, the soft fabric and fur and that nice fluffy beard are all just perfect – thanks for showing him to us. 🙂

    • Yes I did use the pattern for the denim but as it was slightly stretchy things had to be trimmed so joints were in an aesthetically pleasing place. The white beard was medium pile faux fur that was trimmed so it was very short round lip and upper chin then progressively getting longer. He was great fun to make thank you for the pattern.


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