Venusaur Plant Pot Holder

Made by Noah Brennan

I had recently acquired a Bromeliad plant and it reminded me of the plant dinosaur Pokémon Venusaur. It brought me back to the fifth grade: playing the Pokémon games, collecting the figures, and watching the show. I knew I had to make the sculpture to carry the plant in. The project was very nostalgic and it has also won me some points with the nieces and nephews 🙂 The final piece measures about 12x12x5.5 in.

It started with a pattern I found elsewhere online. I printed it out on card stock and then laminated the sheets with regular old packing tape. This allowed me to use the wet paper mache clay without the paper pattern collapsing underneath. Built into the inside is a tapered plastic bottle’s neck that funnels any water out the bottom. The eyes are painted glass cabochons and the teeth are made of EVA foam. I left the paper mache clay texture very visible on this one as I think it adds to the dinosaur skin look I was going for. My dog obviously likes how it looks too.

Venusaur Plant Pot Holder

Venusaur Plant Pot Holder with Friend

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  1. I love this! I definitely went through a pokemon faze a while back and this is a really cool idea that I may have to try sometime! I think making an Oddish pot would be really fun!


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