4 thoughts on “Venice Devil sculpt”

  1. Hello David Fitzgerald. What a fabulous devil mask. I love the evil lip curl! Well done!

    I have a project in mind that I hope to mold and cast. I’m curious about the material you used for your original sculpture. Plasticine? I appreciate the need to be mindful of undercuts in fabricating the original, so is your plan to make a one-piece mold? Do you mix anything with your plaster?

    I so appreciate any advice you might offer based on your experience. Thank you so much for sharing this great project. I hope all has gone well as you’ve progressed, and that all is well in your part of our world.

  2. Thanks Rex…yes i tried to get it very smooth without deep undercuts,this makes it easier to remove from the plaster mould.imlooking forward to painting this one.


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