Update on “My paper mache on a side table project”

Made by Helen Heaney

After watching many YouTube clips including Jonni making and attaching her horse mane and paper mache clay (grams recipe) videos and another video (I think was also Jonni’s) using only glue and joint compound, I finally decided how I was going to make the hair for my project.

I told a girlfriend, then she asked to come over to play with these on my project. Eek … yet her gentle nudge, huge encouragement and my trust in her to run with the experiment, persuaded me to go for it! That and her help mixing extra when I needed it, cutting the ‘wool’, passing on bits to me, adding bits, and brainstorming with me, were so invaluable. I didn’t realize I needed all she gave me what I needed… a gentle nudge, encouragement and help!

There’s more to do but I feel huge progress has been made. Luckily we had a beautiful sunny day today, so I sat her outside to help with the drying. I included a picture of the very cheap *wool (acrylic) and reel of cotton *rope I used. I chose those three, rather than Jonni’s material for the horse mane, as they’re different thicknesses to help me get the effects I wanted. To improve her face, I’m currently thinking about using Jonni’s air dry clay as it looks silky smooth to work and relatively *easy* to work with.

Sculpting the hair

Wool used to sculpt the hair

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