Two fox masks

Made by Christina Shideler

I hired a company to do a private murder mystery event for my husband’s 40th birthday next week. The theme is a masquerade ball and I decided I wanted to wear a fox mask, but didn’t like any of the ones I could afford, so I purchased Jonni’s pattern and instructions. Since it was a bit expensive of a pattern (but very thorough and helpful and worth it!), I decided to make two masks: one for myself and one for my husband. I, a red head, will be a regular red fox while he, a black-haired man with growing silver stripes, will be a silver fox :). I followed the patterns then covered both masks with feathers and used felt around the eye holes. I didn’t do the cap design, but rather just did the front part of the mask and punched holes in the side to string elastic cord around to secure them. I think they look pretty awesome and hope my husband agrees!

Red fox mask

2 thoughts on “Two fox masks”

  1. What a wonderful birthday gift for your husband – a special murder mystery event, and foxy masquerade masks! Was he the lucky one who figured out who done it? 🙂

    • thanks and thanks for the great pattern! The murder mystery hasn’t happened yet (it’s on Friday) but I hope it’s fun!!


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