Turkey Vulture 1st time sculpting.

Made by Susan

First time sculpting. Using Super Sculpey Firm. I did use some Loctite repair putty for his talons. He was baked in a large oval pan filled with cornstarch. It turned out as I baked him for 30 minutes laying on one side and then another 30 on the other side. Simply too large to stand in our regular oven. Turkey Vultures are fascinating to look at and make an interesting subject.

Turkey Vulture Super Sculpey

Super Sculpey Turkey Vulture

9 thoughts on “Turkey Vulture 1st time sculpting.”

  1. Wow I can’t believe this is your first sculpture. We have turkey vultures in our area in summer and they are fun to watch fly. Your feathers are wonderful and those eyes are perfect. Good job and keep up the good work!

  2. He is very cool! And he seems like an appropriate Thanksgiving centerpiece for 2020. What did you use for an armature to keep him from weighing as much as a Thanksgiving turkey?

  3. You’re first. Amazing. I love it. Where I lived in California, I walked my dog all the time and they would come down and sit on the fence in a row. You did a really good job, and I envy those feathers. I told the people when I died just throw me over the fence! I admire your talent very much. Okay, next?

    Thank you. What a treat.

  4. Great turkey vulture. One of God’s most amazing but ugly creatures! You made this one so much prettier than they really are. Quite a conversation piece. Just don’t use it as your thanksgiving centerpiece!

    • Eileen, thank you! That’s why I chose the Turkey Vulture. Reminds me that God didn’t forget anything. They are also quite social among each other.

  5. Nice work, Susan! I love all the details, and the dramatic colors. I’ve just started playing with Super Sculpey myself. I haven’t seen anyone baking it in a bed of corn starch. Can you explain why you did it that way? I’m guessing it was to keep from damaging the detailing on the feathers – am I right?

    • I’m so new to this, but I baked him in a bed of cornstarch because he had to be laying down and the cornstarch supported the neck and other features, from losing their form. It worked perfectly. It was a suggestion from someone on Reddit. My next project will also be large, but I’ll try Magic Sculpt.


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