turkey vulture

Made by Joanne Bookmyer

This project was inspired by a stuffed (toy) turkey vulture which made me think of all those ugly/cute creatures that exist. I used Jonni’s technique to make about half of the wing/tail feathers. The remaining ones I just cut from cardboard. The head and feet are made from magic-sculpt (this is the first time I’ve used it and I will definitely use it again). The body is paper mache clay over a cardboard form. To mount him on the wood base I used extra long heavy wire for the legs. I drilled holes into the base and then stuck/glued the wire into the holes. After that I built up the thickness of the legs with the magic-sculpt and then created “fake toes” and added them on.

Paper mache turkey vulture back

Paper mache turkey vulture in progress

4 thoughts on “turkey vulture”

  1. I really like your Turkey Vulture. I ‘ve got them flying around where I live. I would prefer my vultures to look like yours. I think my dog would too. Thank you for posting it!

  2. Where I live we have turkey vultures flying around. Yours is much cuter. I like that you put him on a piece of old wood. His rustic appearance works! I really like him/her.


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