Trick or Treat Elephant Delivery System

Made by Jan Blaedel

Needing to stay six feet away from our Trick or Treaters posed a dilemma until we decided to hand out pencils instead of candy and wanted a six foot tube to deliver them directly into the goodie bags. “Ellie” provided the answer. When I ordered the pattern from Jonni I had no idea what I was getting into and of course, I had to straighten her trunk besides. I learned so much from Jonni’s videos that I hope to make my own iris sculpture for the garden. I love Ellie! She may become a Halloween staple, not just during Covid years. We probably each need animal masks now…hmmmm, lion and giraffes? Good thing I ordered the animal set!

4 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Elephant Delivery System”

    • One possibility, if you don’t mind ‘cheating’ a little – cover it with grey duct tape instead of paper mache. No drying time. The pattern can be cut out and taped together in a day. 🙂


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