Tree topper

Made by Claudia Auston

I used a paper shopping bag to make the star. Then I very thinly applied Jonni’s famous paper mache clay and let it dry. Maybe 4 layers, then gesso (of course Jonni’s) then metal spray. I “paper mache clayed” a paper roll in the back. Everything is super hard but light. I haven’t put it on the tree yet. I wait for my husband to come home.
I found it amazing how you can make anything with Jonni’s clay.
The paper bag got moist and lost it shape so I had to stop and support it until it dries. I did it the hard way and after reading the mask book there is better ways to do it.
The second picture shows how wonderful it reflects the different lights

Tree Topper Made With Paper Mache Clay

11 thoughts on “Tree topper”

  1. Perfect tree topper. It is original and the colors are great. Festive.

    I don’t know, but did you put masking tape over the paper. It might help.

    • Thank you, Rex. The masking tape sure would have helped!!! I made very thin layers of clay and it did help and it dried pretty fast. Once 2 layers were on I could build it up without problems. I guess I enjoyed the therapeutic side of it ?.
      It looks great on the tree and worked perfectly!!! It was so worth it!!!

      • I like your attitude, the therapeutic side of it. That’s healthy. But then my dog would get such long walks if I had more therapy! Thanks.

  2. Very nice! The perfect solution in that you can make it what ever size you need to fit the tree you have. I love how it reflects the light. May I ask how you did edge trim?

    • Thank you, Rhonda!!
      I made the edge with puff paint for clothes. I felt like I decorating a cake with squeezing it on into beads. It did work out wonderful. Jonni used puff paint on one of her mask (unicorn) and I thought this was a great idea doing details. Works really well!!!

      • Hahaha! Even therapy needs to be balanced. Nowadays though calls for more therapy ?You chose a nice therapy too ?!


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