Made by Candee Silveria

I was commissioned by the V&T Railroad to make some Tommyknockers for display along the train’s route during its Christmas Train of Lights runs. I used Jonni’s paper mache clay to work over styro heads, then gessoed them, painted, then sealed them with acrylic matte brush on, antiqued them, then sprayed with Rustoleum clear matte exterior coat. Used silicone sealer for eyebrows and beards.
They held up in pouring rain, then snow! Pleased, as I wasn’t sure what to expect! PS the ears and hands are felt. No, I don’t do this for a living!

Paper mache Paper mache Tommyknocker
paper mache tommyknocker

3 thoughts on “Tommyknockers”

  1. These are wonderful! What are the bodies made out of? Are they just stuffed clothes or did you make a soft doll body for them?


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