Time Machine

Made by BIll Fosdick

It took a little longer but Petie the Retriever pup is done and now joins Roger and Radar in Time Machine Soap Box car. The project began when the real Roger sat in the car for a photo. Over the fall and through this winter, Radar (past) and Petie (future) joined Roger (present) on the wild ride through time.

Roger and Petie have rough brushed finishes to look like their fur. Radar as a smoothcoat. The joy of paper mache clay is that once dry, it is rock hard and very durable. It’s amazing what corrections you can make with a breadknife.

Petie the paper mache retriever puppy

Radar the dog in a time machine

4 thoughts on “Time Machine”

  1. This is SO much fun!!
    Love it…
    I imagine they’ll be meeting (“Back to the Future”) Doc and/or Dr. Who at some point!


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