Tim the Turtle

Made by Lise-Anne Michel

This is a turtle I made for my son’s birthday, after watching Jonni’s box turtle video tutorial. He loves it and I’m so happy with how it turned out. I followed the adjustments Jonni suggested and used plaster wrap, then air dried clay that I made for the first time. I had literally no sculpting tools, other than a plastic baby spoon and a toothpick, which just goes to show that resourcefulness pays off. This was a super fun project and helped me want to tackle another paper Mache project in the future. Next I’d like to make a tree wall in my craft room to cover up an ugly sump pump I have in the floor and up the wall. I’ve been envisioning the project for a while, but watching Jonni’s videos has helped me gain confidence that I can do it! Thanks Jonni!

Turtle made with DIY air dry clay

Turtle made with DIY air dry clay

7 thoughts on “Tim the Turtle”

  1. Don’t throw away the spoon and the toothpick! That is a great turtle. Your son must be really happy. I love your turtle.

  2. That is a clever little turtle! Great first project! No need for sculpting tools, my favorite tool is an old butter knife!


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