Tilly the Sea Turtle

Made by Linda Bunnell

Tilly is 31” long x 15” wide. I made my pattern then cut it out of wood. Then used epoxie Sculpt & paper mâché. Then sealed, painted then sealed again. I made an Orca Whale for my drive gate & needed something for the other gate but couldn’t decide what. So a year later I came up with Tilly.

Hope you enjoy her.

Tilly the Sea Turtle Sculpture closeup


4 thoughts on “Tilly the Sea Turtle”

  1. In this setting, Tilly looks very laid-back. She makes me laugh. She looks like she belongs there, except when it gets hot. Delightful.

  2. Wow, Tilly is great! What a splash she will make on the end of your drive(excuse the pun) I would love to see the orca as well. Are they waterproof because of the Apoxie Sculpt? Please show a pic of them on the gates if you can.


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