The Waters Edge – Adult coloring book

Made by Lee Bell

December has been the best month of the year for me hands down! Duets Dance is going to Augusta for a 2 year long exhibition yay. Playing around with new digital drawing toy and took a bunch of my sculpture designs and sketches and turned them into a coloring book ( The Waters Edge ) now on Amazon and the best of the best – just when I thought I was getting too old to have it happen – I have been hired as an adjunct faculty to teach ceramics at a local college. Maybe at 55 I am finally finding my groove. Lol

Pictures of a few of the journals and coloring book with a link to amazon and a picture of Duets Dance – sculpture going to Augusta at the beginning of the month . I am one happy old artist lady. thanks so much for your encouraging words as always Jonni , all of us old girls need to stick together and keep making art . Link to my books here

Water's Edge Flyer
Water’s Edge Flyer
Duets Dance by Lee Bell
Duets Dance by Lee Bell

10 thoughts on “The Waters Edge – Adult coloring book”

    • Thanks Pat. I am finding the drawing on this new tablet very relaxing and easier on my body after building the big work it is nice to do something a little less physical. i think theolder I get themore I want everything to be multi functional too . so why not have the sculpture also be drawings and take a little relaxation time. It seems to be doing well so far .

    • I am pretty excited Rhonda, every time the big girls go out for a show. It is Augusta, Georgia. Are you close by there that you will be able to visit Duet ? If so please take a photo of yourself with the sculpture, I love having people photos with the work installed outdoors.

  1. Congratulations! I’ve always admired your sculptures and it is nice to see you getting recognition for your work! Good luck with the college teaching. I’m sure you will find it rewarding.


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