The old woman moved to a boot

Made by Joe Gonzalez

Inspired by Utuber Creative Mum, but mine is totally different, made with a coke bottle cut in half and covered with silky smooth clay with a twist I added more paper and flour so I could roll it out into sheets for faster application. The roof is cardboard covered with SS clay, windows chimney door done with air dry clay. It’s a night light for my 2 year old granddaughter hence the colours.

Armature for boot nightlight

boot nightlight

4 thoughts on “The old woman moved to a boot”

  1. Joe, that is adorable and so well done! She must be delighted! how much more paper and flour did you add? I have rolled out the smooth clay between 2 sheets of cling wrap before but you kinda have to let it slightly harden before you try to use it. I never thought to add more paper or flour. Can you describe the consistency before rolling? Nice job.

    • On this occasion I did a half measure of the Silky smooth recipe and I added 35 g flour and 10 grams of wet paper, I usually keep some of the flour to knead it well, then I stick it in the fridge for a few hours, the consistency is like bread dough, i roll it on a glass sheet, with an aluminum tube with coke bottle cap on each end the gives me an adequate thickness.
      Hope this helps regards Joe

      • I have also found that it’s much easier to work with after it’s been in the fridge. It also helps with mold as a bonus!


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