The Judge Paper Mache Egg Head

Made by Linda Crawford

I wanted to do something different with the last paper mache egg I had made and decided to to make an “Egg Head” so here he is, The Judge.

He is hollow inside and his head comes off so maybe little secrets can be kept inside! I am now working on “The Accused” to sit on the shelf beside him. I inserted garden wire in the paper mache bottom half of the egg and then shaped with tin foil and masking tape for the arms and legs. I then covered them with paper clay and painted with acrylic paints. His head is sculpted from paper clay and again painted with acrylics. His spectacles are made from fine florist wire and the head of his gavel is a piece of a silicone glue stick covered with paper clay.

The Judge paper mache egg by Linda Crawford closeup photo

The Judge paper mache egg

3 thoughts on “The Judge Paper Mache Egg Head”

  1. Very comical, will the accused be wearing the striped prison garb? Thanks for a good tutorial as well. It looks like you’ve found a little niche with making all sorts of eggs!

    • Hi Eileen, actually he will! After that I am thinking of the policeman with an old fashioned uniform. Pleased you like the eggs too, thank you.


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