The Hummingbird

Made by Jon Keller

To make this little bird I made paper mache using tissue paper and white glue . The tissue paper , once dry , give a nice smooth surface . The hand was made using aluminum foil to make a form . Then I covered it with paper mache . The leaves were rolled out flat on wax paper , then , when dry enough to handle , I gave them some shape . Wire was used for the armature that holds everything together . Inside the beak is a wire that is attached to the center of the flower . That is the wire that supports the bird. The bird was made from wood , then covered with paper mache . Everything was painted white , and then vanished with antique colored varnish.

6 thoughts on “The Hummingbird”

  1. Lovely piece. Jon, you really use a lot of different methods to create your pieces. I really like that. 100% artist and 50% engineer. Thank you for always sharing how you make your art.

  2. The hummingbird is very delicate, and I really like how the hand is holding the flower. Very creative and well done,

  3. I simply love this. You did an awesome job, and I love that it is all the same color. What a beautiful design. Gorgeous.


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