2 thoughts on “The Elephant headpiece”

    • Hi Kevin. The elephant headpiece in this post was made by altering my elephant head pattern, which was designed as a wall sculpture. It’s possible to turn it into a headpiece, but I’ve never done it myself and I don’t have a pattern for it. If you need a pattern for a mask that goes in front of your face, it might be easier to alter the fox mask pattern. An anteater’s face is really a long tube – not just the nose, but the whole head. You could use the fox or wolf as your starting point, remove the extra cardboard around the cheeks where the fox has a ruff of fur, and then use cardboard to add the really long snout. Or just skip the pattern, and make a very long cardboard tube, with one end big enough for you to put your head inside. They put their eyes on the side of their head, which is kind of inconvenient for humans, but you could move them around so you could see out.


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