The Bird and the Bull

Made by Jon Keller

This piece is made with newspaper paper mache on a corrugated cardboard frame . The bird and the horns are carved balsa wood .

I had first made smaller curved horns but , after I considered the project finished , I cut them off and made a new set of much longer wooden horns . Cutting into a “finished” project was a little scary , but the result was well worth it .

The base is a wooden plaque that I bought at a thrift shop for one dollar . I covered it with a thin layer of paper mache and painted it green . The little clumps of grass are slivers of green paper.

Everything was painted with acrylic paint and then varnished with water based matte varnish .

Bull Close-Up
Bull Close-Up
Cardboard frame and early sculpting
Cardboard frame and early sculpting

3 thoughts on “The Bird and the Bull”

  1. I think this is absolutely, positively awesome!!! The horns really make the bull! You are right though, cutting into a piece that has already dried is a little scary. I actually cut a horse’s head off to extend the neck and may have closed one eye in the process! lol Nice job!!


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