Sculpting Patterns

for Paper Mache and Apoxie Sculpt


Jonni Good – sculptor, author

and founder of

You can create beautiful, heirloom-quality works of art with the help of these patterns, even if you’ve never sculpted anything before.

Jonni first began teaching her unique method of using a pattern inside a sculpture back in 2009.  Since then she’s written five popular books about sculpting. She’s also the inventor of paper mache clay, the recipe that replaces messy paper strips and paste so even grown-ups can have fun sculpting with inexpensive materials.

The patterns can be downloaded instantly to your computer right after you order, so you can start sculpting right away. Click on the images to go to a page with a full description of the finished project and a list of materials you’ll need to complete them.

The patterns come either with written instructions or a link to step-by step videos that walk you through the sculpting process all the way to a successfully completed project.

3-D Patterns for “Faux Trophy Mount” Wall Sculptures:

Four Paper Mache Faux Trophy Mount Patterns

Four-Pattern Wall Sculpture Set – Save $5

Sculpture Patterns for Cardboard Armatures:

More patterns coming soon!

About the sculpting patterns:

Flat patterns:

Some of these patterns are used inside an armature. You print them out, transfer them to cardboard, cut around the edges and then fill out the forms with crumpled paper or foil. Many of these patterns have been downloaded by thousands of people who have successfully created their own paper mache sculptures, even if theynever made a paper mache sculpture before.

Baby Indian Elephant Pattern


3-D patterns:

The patterns for the faux trophy mount wall sculptures at the top of these page are 3-D papercraft patterns. They create all the shapes for you. Just print them out, tape them together, and add paper mache or paper mache clay.

Paper mache sculpting patterns - cut out the pieces, tape them together, add paper mache, and paint.

Do you have to use paper mache to create sculptures with these patterns?

No. The patterns shown on this page can be made with traditional paper strips and paste, but you could also use Jonni’s paper mache clay recipe or her air-dry clay recipe instead. You can find the recipes in the Paper Mache Art Library.

Or you could use Apoxie Sculpt or any other brand of epoxy clay to make your sculpture. That’s what Jonni used for the unicorn and bunny sculptures. .

Painting your sculpture:

You can use any type of paint that will work on paper. Most people use acrylic artists paint or craft paint. Chalk paint was used for the unicorn and bunny sculptures, and it gives them a soft-looking coat.

You will want to wait until the paper mache is completely dry all the way through before painting, and be sure to give your sculpture plenty of time to dry – this is not an “instant” art form.

After painting, it’s a good idea to seal your sculpture with an acrylic varnish. If you live in a humid environment, this is very important, because you won’t want your sculpture to draw moisture from the air.

Share your new sculptures:

When your sculpture is finished, we would love to see it! Please post a photo in the comments below, or come visit our community on the Daily Sculptors page and post a photo there. You’ll find a link to it at the top of the page.

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