Paper Mache Angel Chair

Paper Mache Angel Chair Submitted by Matthew McCoy   Estimated Cost to Make the Item: (Including Labour) $500 (aprox) Hi, I created this chair as … Read more

Paper Mache Photo Prop Egg

giant paper mache Easter egg photo prop

This giant Easter egg will help you create stunning photos of your baby, or use it in your portrait photography studio. Read the full instructions on the post to see how it was done, by guest author Teri Niemeyer.

Paper Mache Christmas Balls

Paper Mache Christmas Balls Submitted by Sharon Moreno Estimated Cost to Make the Item: $5.00 Materials: Styrofoam, newspaper, wire, ornament hook, paper mache/clay, glitter. To … Read more

Paper Mache Egg Cup

Paper Mache Egg Cup Submitted by Chris Josephs   Estimated Cost to Make the Item: $0-$2 I started this off with a piece of hand … Read more