Paper Mache Clay Recipe Without Flour

Paper mache clay recipe with no flour

This paper mache clay recipe without flour will be helpful for paper mache sculptors who worry about critters being attracted to the flour in the original recipe.

Paper Mache “Beast”

paper mache beast

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Paper Mache White Tail Deer

paper mache white tail deer

This delightful white-tailed deer was made by Linda Bunnell, the author of this guest post. She used a drawing she found online to create her … Read more

Painting Your Santa

Paper Mache Santa

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Make a Baby Chick for Easter with Paper Mache Clay

Make an Easter chick with paper mache clay.

This Easter chick is easy to make with paper mache clay, and looks adorable on the holiday table. If you’re looking for Easter decorations that can be used year after year, this is a great project. Be sure to watch the video and see the instructions on the post to see how this birdie was made.

Snowy Owl Armature

Some of you may recognize this owl. I made her back in 2010, but didn’t make a YouTube video of the extended tutorial. A few … Read more