Pokemon Costume Tips

Pokemon Costume Tips

Well, this is embarrassing! I should have known that a lot of kids would want to wear a Pokemon costume this year. It finally sank … Read more

Christine’s Paper Mache Mask

Christine's Paper Mache Mask

Today’s guest post comes from Christine Majul. You’ll remember Christine from her contributions to our Practical Paper Mache project. Now, here’s her post: I decided … Read more

Paper Mache Gargoyle

Paper Mache Gargoyle

Bmaskmaker sent in her wonderful paper mache gargoyle for our Halloween Mask Party. Not a mask, I know, but definitely Halloween. In fact, with that … Read more

Paper Mache Shrunken Head

Shrunken Head, Made with Paper Mache

This post should be filed under the “I can’t believe I spent three days making this thing!” category. I don’t really need a shrunken head. … Read more

Genivieve’s Demonic Wraith Mask

Genivieve's Paper Mache Mask

Genivieve submitted her mask, titled “Demonic Wraith,” to our online Halloween Mask Party. I love the subtle way the wraith’s skull is painted. (That reflection … Read more