Sweetie Pies sculpture

Sweetie Pie is now a 1-year old mischievous kitten . This is my 5th sculpture and she paid no attention to the others but this one really took her fancy . for the main part I used a light shade and the top and base yoghurt tubs the picture is a view of where I live but you can’t stop progress and the view is long gone, but they’re lovely hills are still there (I hope ) this is my second urn , the first urn ended in disaster! this one nearly went the same road when Sweets got her paws on it and used it as a scratching post, (like she doesn’t have about 5 or 6 scratching posts) amazing talent out there I can’t wait to see your readers waterproof paper mache work thank you so much Jonni

Paper mache urn after the cat "helped"
Paper mache urn after the cat “helped”

Closeup of the front of the urn

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    • Thank you Pat. There was a lot of leaving it to dry before the next bit of work. I think I gave it 3 coats of burnt sienna acrylic.


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